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She's a Rebel: Rupi Kaur

This week I wanted to highlight an incredible woman who has had a big impact on feminism and the literary world: Rupi Kaur.

I wanted to talk about Rupi’s work because it has had such a positive influence on my life – and millions of other women’s lives as well. Often speaking and writing about controversial topics, Rupi Kaur has gotten a lot of negative and positive attention for starting conversations that are "taboo". But that’s why I love her work - because she approaches topics like loss, trauma, healing, femininity, migration, revolution, abuse, love, self-care, and heartbreak through the lenses of self-love and empowerment.

Not only does Rupi strive to create text that helps women feel empowered and united, she puts an emphasis on loving women of South Asian culture - impressing a desire for them to love their skin color, body shape, hair, clothes, and everything else about them that makes them who they are.

This month, it is important for us as women to focus on supporting and loving each other. With Rupi Kaur in mind, I also want us to be open to having hard conversations. I want us to be willing to listen and support each other through pain.

It's not okay that there is a culture of silence surrounding issues like abuse, sexual violence and even something as natural to our bodies as menstruation.

Rupi's books of poetry can easily be read in a day and are accompanied with simple, yet impactful self-illustrations. For me, reading her books Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers was impactful to say the least. Each of these books is a journey that starts with the author, and by default reader, feeling difficult emotions regarding issues such as abuse. But as the book progresses - as you go from feelings of hurt, anger and pain - Rupi conveys the importance of self-love. I wish I could just hand out these books to everyone because they are so honest, relatable and inspiring. They stress just how important it is to care and love for yourself in the midst of hurt. I truly love everything Rupi has written in these books but for the sake of saving space I will impart with you the poem from Milk and Honey that resonates with me the most,

how you love yourself is
how you teach others
to love you

This sweet little poem keeps me aware of how I treat myself but also how I refer to myself with others. I hope it inspires you, and if not I encourage you to check out Rupi Kaur and find acceptance, love and safety in her poetry.

I'm constantly inspired by Rupi. She inspires me to show love and support to the women around me, to try to provide an environment of openness, honesty and love because without having tough conversations how are we going to make the world a better place for ourselves and the women who come after us?

I had a list of 10 Rupi Kaur quotes that I wanted to put in this blog but I will show self-control and leave you with just one more quote that inspires me:

"There are mountains growing beneath our feet that cannot be contained. All we've endured has prepared us for this. Bring your hammers and fists. We have a glass ceiling to shatter."

So go out into the world today, have those tough conversations, love on the women you come in contact with and make sure to love and appreciate who you are!


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