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We're the only thing you never have to take off.

Welcome to RCHL! We make quality, affordable jewelry. Yes, you heard that right– our jewelry is both high-quality AND affordable.

RCHL jewelry is made from gold filled and solid sterling silver. These are durable materials that won’t corrode and turn your finger green the way most fashion jewelry does. But we won’t charge you an arm and a leg for it either! While other brands crank up the price for durable jewelry, RCHL is all about bridging the gap between quality and affordability.

Our Story

RCHL started underground on the subway rails of New York City. Desiree, RCHL's founder, saw thousands of women every day, and all of them were headed somewhere different– the cobbled streets of SoHo, the bustling Downtown Brooklyn foot traffic, the skyscraping Financial District. But Desiree saw that they all had something in common: jewelry.

But there was one problem. Desiree knew from experience that affordable jewelry didn't last. And quality jewelry was far too expensive! She started searching for an in-between, and she discovered gold filled.

RCHL was born.

Desiree named the company after her grandmother, Rachel Garcia, who had been the inspiration for her own jewelry obsession, and in April of 2018 she launched RCHL from her 11th-floor South Brooklyn studio apartment.

Since then, RCHL has grown from a side-hustle into a movement. Desiree relocated to Los Angeles, where RCHL is now her full time job. Over five thousand quality, affordable pieces into her endeavor, it's clear everyone is done settling for anything less.