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Harriet Necklace

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Harriet Tubman was a trailblazing leader in every sense of the word. While she is widely known for her work with the Underground Railroad, her commitment to lead and guide others stretched across her lifetime. She was a huge supporter alongside the Women's Suffrage movement in the early stages. Her wholehearted belief in equality between all people, and her experience as a slave and a black woman, lent her a greater lens of understanding by which to communicate and connect from. She toured the East Coast giving speeches on behalf of the Women's Suffrage Movement and her deep conviction that all people deserve freedom and equality.

10% of all proceeds from the Harriet necklace will be donated to Ignite National, a non-partisan organization that encourages women to become politically engaged.


  • 12mm x 5mm "VOTE" pendant
  • 18" chain with 0.5" extension
  • Available in 14k yellow gold filled and solid sterling silver

Small, hairline scratches may appear on the surface of this piece during the laser cutting process. Don't worry! These scratches are only visible up-close and do not affect the quality or durability of the material.